We are a digital agency.

Openhourz is here to help forward-looking businesses build meaningful relationships with their audiences through the web.


We always connect with our clients and we believe that every business should do the same: build a relationship with their audience. Not only will customers value and acknowlege your effort to connect with them, but they will be proud to talk to their friends about you because they can trust you.

Building Relationships
Problem Solving


To be a successful business you have to overcome problems that you encounter. Having a team to help you overcome these problems will lessen the load on your shoulders while you take care of bigger things. Openhourz is here to provide you with that support.


The most important factor to building a successful online reputation is measuring your results. Knowing why something works or why it did not work will allow you to pivot to a new plan of action. This is important knowledge that businesses often underestimate.

Measure & Optimize

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